Pole Dancing with a splash of  Hydrospin

A frog, a frodo, la roué and an air invert will be some of the new words echoing around  swimming pools across the area from today as Newcastle Emlyn’s personal fitness instructor introduces pole dancing in water to Wales for the first time writes Anwen Francis.

Pole Dancing has been historically associated with strip clubs and nightclubs, but times have changed, and now pole dancing is proving popular as a way of keeping fit. ‘Pole dancing in water will work on and improve the core and stomach areas. It makes you feel better and tones the body as well as giving people a total body work out,’ explained David Maund who will host these pole dancing sessions in Newcastle Emlyn, Aberaeron and Narberth over the next few weeks.

Pole dancing combines dance and acrobatics all on a vertical pole, and David has 11 of these poles ready for his clients.

 ‘I hope the sessions will be popular. Pole dancing in water is very popular in many European countries and as the first to hold these sessions in Wales, I hope to offer something different. People will have the opportunity to do a Hydrospin session before the pole session so the legs will have a work out and the heart and lungs will be worked,’ said David.

He thinks that the pole dancing sessions will appeal to women more than men, but hope this will change. ‘ I know it will appeal more to women, but my plan in the next coming months is to introduce an aqua kick boxing session and bringing in martial arts so it will appeal to a variety of people,’ said David. The first session will take place today at 9.45am, then Aberaeron at 11.15am.

On June 16th David will host a session in Narberth at 7.45pm and at 1.45pm on June 23rd. For more information, visit Hydropole Wales on facebook.


Pic by Julie John


  1. This is misleading, aqua pole is not an underwater pole dancing class. I did my training with the originators of aqua pole(r), who are based in Italy, back in November and have been teaching classes up here in North Wales ever since ( so sorry hydro pole aren’t the first in Wales!)

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