End of the road for Magpies man.

Successful Cardigan Town supremo Seamus Doherty is stepping down as manager of the Magpies less than a week after his team lifted the Division One Costcutter Championship.
Doherty and his men defeated Lampeter Town at the King George on Saturday to steal the silverware right at the death to retain the trophy and the affable football man feels that now is the right time to give someone else a shot at the job.
“Speaking exclusively to ‘Sportsline’ Doherty said that running the club had consumed him and more specifically his time and he now wanted to devote more quality time to his family and focus more on his building business.
“ It’s been very tough physically and mentally, especially over the past couple of months as there have been so many demands on my time with managing the first team and all the other less exciting jobs that go with being a manager and there has been so much running around.
“I have loved my time with the players and we have been very fortunate to have had such a successful few seasons and I honestly think that what we have managed to pull off this season has probably been our greatest achievement as a group of players.
“ Football followers locally will say that our team was stronger last year, and on paper that maybe true but what we have done in recent weeks surpasses all we did last season and that is a testament to a fabulous group of footballers.
“ The current team have shown a team spirit and togetherness that has been truly outstanding and to win all those game over such a short time and under so much pressure against the best teams was an amazing achievement.
Also stepping down is his right hand man Robert Davies, who is the Magpies team manager and main sponsor and he too feels now is the time to take a back seat and he said
:”I’ve done 5 years as sponsor and four as team manager but more importantly I feel that I have managed to bring Cardigan Town FC back into the 21st century and given them a far healthier structure and foundation so now is a good time to stand down with Seamus and a chance to chill a little.
“And on behalf of Seamus and myself I would like to thank the players and the supporters for all their hard work and assistance over the past few years and wish them all the best for the new season.”

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