DYFED Dirt Bikers-International ISDE Enduro

Six days of gruelling endurance riding, seven hours of riding every day, 200 miles of difficult terrain and over 700 competitors – that’s the Curcuito de Navarra Spain 2016 FIM International ISDE Enduro where this October, several members of the Dyfed Dirt Bike Club will be competing. Writes Anwen Francis

This international annual event is seen very much as the pinnacle of off-road motorcycle racing and just earning the honour to represent one’s country at the ‘Olympics of Motorcycling’ is an accomplishment alone.

Motorbike riders from across the globe will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals with brothers Iwan and Aled Rees of Crymych along with Phil Jenkins of Farmers competing for the whole six days and Cefin Evans, Dylan Davies and John Stobbs taking part in the last three days as part of a Vintage Twin Shock Bikes competition.

Pictured below are: Iwan Rees, Roy Jenkins (assistant Team Manager), Dylan Davies, Wyn Hughes (Free Style Bikes) team coach, Phil Jenkins, Eirwyn George (Team Manager) and Cefin Evans following a preparation event at Dolgoch Farm, Brongest recently.Team members John Stobbs and Aled Rees were not available for the picture.



Cefin, Dylan and friend Tom Williams from Aberaeron are familiar with the event having competed in 2006 when it was held in New Zealand and know just how hard it is on the riders as it is on the motorcycles, as Cefin, father of two from Newcastle Emlyn explains:

‘It’s a huge honour for the Club to be sending two teams to the event. It’s a huge opportunity especially for the young riders to be competing with and against world champions as an opportunity like that doesn’t come every day.’ The teams will face stony, undulating ground, with some hills over a mile.

‘It’s a very tough event,’ added Cefin who will compete on his Kawazaki KDX 250cc built in 1980. ‘They will ride up to seven or eight hours a day and will only be allowed to change tyres and service within a set time of 20 minutes at the end of a gruelling day in the saddle in preparation for the next day of riding where they can do anything up to 200 miles of off road riding per day!’ explained Cefin, who is one of nine from the UK who will compete in the Vintage section.

Father of three Iwan Rees, better known as Iwan Midway will compete for the six days. He’s looking forward and has been busy practising. ‘I’ve always wanted to take part in this competition since I saw Cefin and Dylan doing it many years ago in New Zealand. It will be quite a challenge for me but I’m training as much as I can, spending time on the KTM, the pedal bike or in the gym. I have found it quite hard though getting a balance between helping to run the business and keeping the family happy,’ explained Iwan.

He added: ‘My main concern is the length of the competition. Six days is going to be a strain on the bike and my body and I hope we can see the end without too much trouble. I’d like to thank members of the Dyfed Dirt Bike Club for the opportunity, and it will be an honour to represent them.’ The teams will leave Wales with medals within their grasp beginning of October ready for the start of the competition on October 9th.


This is the fourth time that event has been held in Spain and this year the ‘Six Days’ will take place for the first time ever at the Region of Navarra and specifically at the municipality of Los Arcos, just 60 km far away from the capital city Pamplona, the City of the Bulls where during the town festival at Los Arcos, the bulls run through the town’s streets and look out anyone in their way!!

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